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Interesting & Fun Facts About Dentistry

Who said that dentistry is only scary and couldn’t be fascinating or funny? We might sometimes forget how important it is to care for our oral health or be afraid of our dentist’s chair, but we deserve a moment of entertainment or learn something new. Modern practices and our daily routines to preserve a healthy smile hide many interesting dental facts behind them. So, we opened our books and researched online [...]

23. May, 2022|

Most Common Dental Problems And Ways To Treat Them

If you have ever experienced uncomfortable symptoms from a dental complication, we’re confident that you already know how important it is to take care of your oral health. Even though modern dentistry constantly involves offering more precise and accurate results, many people still suffer from dental problems when some of them could have been prevented. According to The Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease Study, “Oral diseases affect close [...]

18. May, 2022|

Aesthetic Dentistry During Pregnancy

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is challenging. Most women are confused or overwhelmed by others suggesting they should do this or shouldn’t do that. And that brings you somewhere in the middle, trying to understand the changes in your body while being filled with concerts. For example, what is safe for you and your baby and what is forbidden? Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry are unofficial, yet commonly used terms to [...]

22. April, 2022|

Dental Tourism: What to Check Before Travelling Abroad

Are you feeling tempted to plan your next vacation? It might be a great time to consider all your options; destination, hotels, sightseeing and why not a dental surgery? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), dental services are one of the well-known categories for medical tourism, and many countries provide health care for medical travellers. More and more people take advantage of their days off work and combine a [...]

28. March, 2022|

7 Teeth Whitening Myths Demystified By Dentists

Who wouldn’t wish to have a healthy and beautifully white smile? For most of us, this is the dream. However, there are so many misconceptions around the teeth whitening process and techniques which lead us to this article’s creation. The dental professionals in our clinic analysed the most common teeth whitening myths and offered all essential information that no one should overpass. So let’s review them one by one! 1. Professional [...]

21. March, 2022|

Common Dental Bridge Problems & Why You Should Get Them Fixed

Unfortunately, there comes a point in life when someone will have to deal with a missing or completely damaged tooth, which needs extraction. We know that it’s not a pleasant situation for anyone, but thanks to dentistry, we can restore our beautiful smiles and health. A typical therapeutic solution to restore such issues is to use a dental bridge. Your doctor will place a “false” tooth (also called pontic) and use [...]

21. February, 2022|