Navigation Tooth Implant Procedure

The Latest Dental Implant Treatment Technology

Navigation surgery with Navident® is the he next generation of surgical technique when performing computer-aided-implant surgery for dental implants.

Swedish Dental has been in the forefront of computer aided-surgery when using conventional guides. This technique has been a reliable and safe way of performing minimal invasive surgery since the millenium.

The next step in the development of minmial invasive techniques is navigation surgery with Navident® and that´s why we have introduced this techniqe in Sweden. The surgeon receives more control during the surgery wich contributes to a more precise and safe treatment.

Navident® requires a CBCT scan of the jaw before the surgery. The 3-D image from the CBCTt-scan is transferred to the Navident computer. The surgeon can begin the planning of the minimal invasive surgery. The preparation before the surgery is essential for a successful treatment and requires a skilled dentist. The dentists at Swedish dental have years of experience with computer aided implant surgery which is a necessity when performing these types of procedures.

This method provides the oppurtinity for the surgeon to see exactly where he is in the jaw during the surgery. This in seen in real-time on the computer screen in front of him.

The patient suffers from minimal pain, no swelling and no bruises after the surgery.

Our patients are able to go back to work the same day if the want or at least the day after. This is possible because of the minimal invasive treatment.


The people that works for Swedish Dental are all convinced that the future of dental implant treatment is minimal invasive therapy.