Dental Bridges

The treatment with dental bridges has been a very relible method of choice for a long time. This method provides the patients an oppurtunity for replacing their lost theeth.

Am I in need of a dental bridge?

How can I as a patient know what treatment suits my needs?

Swedish Dental will help you with all your questions. We can provide you an consultation free of charge. In som cases we will recommend you a dental bridge and in others a treatment with dental implants. The choice is based on your individual needs.

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Treatment with an dental bridge

1. Examination: We will examine your teeth, gingiva and oral mucsoa before the treatment in case we need to take care of any cavitys or infections.

2. Any infections, cavitys or periodontitis will be treated if diagnosed.

3. Preparation of the neighboring teeth will be done by the dentist. An imprint of the teeth are taken.The imprint will then be sent to the dental technican where they will produce a high quality bridge.

4. The dentist attaches the dental bridge on the prepared teeth and makes sure the ocklussion is correct.