Dental Crowns

Dental Crown on one single visit

What seperates us from other dental practises is our motivation for requering the best technology possible for our patients. We can help you with a fantastic porcelain crown the same day of your visit.

Swedish Dental use modern digital technology wich enables us to provide a perfect porcelain crown in one single visit.

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Swedish Dental has acces to an Cerek® machine. This provides us the ability to take an digital imprint and create the porcelain crown at the dental office. All this in one single visit.

We have more than 20 years of experince in this kind of technology wich provides us the ability to provide you with a safe, efficient and a fantastic aesthetic result after the treatment.

Dental crowns are a often used for treating teeth that are damaged because of fractures or cavitys. This kind of treatment is a fantastic alternativ to conventional dental restoratives. Large restorations such as composite fillings are more likely to create shooting pains or fracture due the differences in movement between the material and the tooth or difficulty with retention on the tooth surface.